Quality Paint On Your Restoration Project: Tips and Tricks

Quality Paint On Your Restoration Project: Tips and Tricks

3 Signs You Need A New Top On Your Convertible

by Phillip Herrera

Owning a convertible is a fun experience. You get to drive the open road in a whole new way, opening the top whenever the weather is just perfect for a day in the sun. While your convertible top has a lot of perks, it can also wear out more quickly if you are prone to utilizing the top being down a lot, particularly during the spring and summer when the weather is just begging for an open-road adventure. Here are signs your convertible top is ready for replacement.

Wear on the material

Most convertible tops are designed of a durable and flexible material. Over time, the material can wear out and rip, which can make putting the top up and down more difficult. You can patch the top with adhesives and vinyl patches, but it's best to replace the cover while there is still material to work with. An auto body and paint shop can either repair your convertible top if tears are minimal or replace it entirely. To protect your convertible in the future, always park it in a garage or cover it so the top does not dry out and become brittle in the sun, and always store it with a cover during rain and hail storms to prevent tears and scratches.

Jamming or slow-moving gears

This is a common issue you may find in your convertible if you put the top down on a regular basis or leave it down for several weeks at a time. As the gears get jammed up with old lubricants and dirt, you may find that the top lowers much more slowly than usual. It may even halt halfway through the process. An auto paint and body expert can examine the gears and pulleys to make sure they are working as they should, make replacements as possible, and lubricate dry or filthy parts.

Outdated design

Convertibles are classic cars that rarely lose their style, but their tops can get dingy and stained over time or just lose their appeal. If this is how you feel about your ride, then you can have the top replaced with a newer design that is more streamlined and modern. You can even have custom elements installed in your top, such as white leather or patterned vinyl to give your car greater appeal. Talk to your auto paint and body shop expert about the different styles of tops available that will work for your convertible's make and model.

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Quality Paint On Your Restoration Project: Tips and Tricks

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