Quality Paint On Your Restoration Project: Tips and Tricks

Quality Paint On Your Restoration Project: Tips and Tricks

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Hail Repair

by Phillip Herrera

A hail storm can be damaging to your car. The hail can leave behind a multitude of dings and dents on your car. If your car was damaged by hail, you may have many questions about auto hail repair. Here are a few of the questions you may have, and the answers you need. 

Should You Repair Dents on Your Car Left By Auto Hail?

While the dings or dents left behind by a hail storm may be small, you should always have the dents repaired. If the dings or dents are not repaired, rust can begin to form at the point of impact. This can cause significant damage to the body of your car and affect your car's lifespan. The other reason why you should have hail damage repaired is because hail damage can affect the resale value of your car. Repairing the damage helps to maximize what you can get for the car when you sell it or trade it in. 

How is Auto Hail Repair Done?

If you only have one or two large dents in your vehicle caused by the hail, the dents may be able to be pulled out. A tool is used that uses suction power to gently pull out larger dents from the body of your car. However, since most people have multiple dings and dents, filling in the dents with a bonding solution and then painting your car is the preferred method for auto hail repairs. This is because pulling out each and every dent can be time consuming, and smaller dents are harder to pull out. A technician will look at the condition of your body, the number of dents and the size of dents to determine which option is the better one for your car. 

Does Your Insurance Cover Auto Hail Repair?

If you have full coverage insurance, hail damage done to your car is covered by your auto insurance. However, if you only have collision insurance, hail damage is typically not covered by your auto insurance. If you live in an area where hail storms are common, you may wish to obtain comprehensive coverage to help ensure your car is covered in the event of a hail storm. 

if your car was damaged by hail, an auto repair center that offers hail damage repair services can help you get your car back to its pre-storm condition. Visit a shop today to get an auto hail repair estimate and learn how they can help to remove the dings and dents from your vehicle. 


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Quality Paint On Your Restoration Project: Tips and Tricks

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