Quality Paint On Your Restoration Project: Tips and Tricks

Quality Paint On Your Restoration Project: Tips and Tricks

Frame Damage After A Collision: What You Need To Know

by Phillip Herrera

After a collision, it's important to determine the full extent of the damage to your vehicle. One phrase that tends to worry many vehicle owners is "frame damage." Read on to learn more about frame damage and what it means for your automobile after an accident. 

1. Frame Damage is Fixable in Some Instances

Many vehicle owners incorrectly believe that damage to a vehicle's frame means that the automobile is a total loss; the reasoning behind this myth is the belief that frame damage is so expensive to repair that it automatically causes the vehicle to meet the insurance company's criteria for a total loss after a collision.

In reality, your insurance adjuster will estimate the cost to fix the frame damage just like they would any other type of damage to the vehicle. They will then use the total cost of the repairs (including labor and parts) to determine if it is worthwhile to repair your vehicle.

2. The Expenses for Frame Damage Varies Depending on Your Car's Design

The cost to repair frame damage depends on the type of construction used to build it. This usually varies based on the age and type of your vehicle. Some modern cars boast a design known as unibody construction. This means that the frame and body of the car are considered a single unit.

Should the body of the car incur damage, the frame may also be damaged. It can be tricky to repair damage on newer vehicles because everything is connected. Make sure that you utilize a repair center with extensive experience repairing automobiles with a unibody design.

Older cars and relatively new SUVs and trucks typically use body-on-frame construction. This means that the body of the vehicle rests on a separate frame. It's usually easier and cheaper to repair frame damage to a vehicle with body-on-frame construction; since the frame consists of multiple pieces, it's easy to isolate the damaged portion for repairs. 

3. You Shouldn't Attempt to Fix Frame Damage on Your Own

If you don't have collision insurance or don't want to make a claim against your insurance policy, you may be tempted to try to fix your frame damage yourself. Unfortunately, this a bad idea. Restoring a frame to its original state requires specialized tools and knowledge. When the frame is improperly repaired, this can sacrifice the structural integrity of your vehicle, making you more vulnerable to future accidents.

Never try to straighten or hammer out a bent frame yourself. Instead, contact an experienced collision repair service who can help you understand your options for repairing your vehicle.


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Quality Paint On Your Restoration Project: Tips and Tricks

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