Quality Paint On Your Restoration Project: Tips and Tricks

Quality Paint On Your Restoration Project: Tips and Tricks

Why Your Engine Could Be Misfiring

by Phillip Herrera

When your engine misfires, you can feel it. You will notice that your vehicle randomly losses RPMs before they pick up again. Or you will notice that your engine seems to stumble for a second, before going again. An engine misfire isn't something that you should ignore. If it happens when you are idling, you may notice that the idling sound is rougher than you would expect it to be. This isn't something that you should ignore. Here are a few of the top reasons why your engine is misfiring.

Worn Out Spark Plugs

One of the most commonly known reasons for an engine misfire is worn-out spark plugs. Spark plugs are one of the most basic components of the engine ignition system, and they are one of the parts that tend to wear down the fastest. They are not the only part of your ignition system that can cause a misfire though. There are lots of other systems that can misfire as well. It could be the spark plugs, or it could be the coil packs, wiring, or crankshaft position sensors, all of which are part of the ignition system, and all of which can cause an engine to misfire.

Emission Equipment

It could also be some of the equipment that runs your emission system. There is a range of important equipment that mixes the air and fuel together. If one of these parts is worn down, your engine is going to misfire. It will keep misfiring until you fix the damaged parts. Common emission equipment systems that can fail and cause a misfire include the positive crankcase ventilation system (PVC) or the exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR). 

Mechanical Engine Problems

If you have a mechanical issue with your engine, it could also misfire. Inside of your engine is a range of different cylinders. Each cylinder has a piston that helps to comprise the air and fuel and is necessary for the combustion process. If the piston and cylinder are not working together as they should, you will be left with a misfire. This generally happens when the cylinder is no longer able to seal correctly. 

Control Circuit Issue

Yoru engine has a lot of electrical circuits that control all of the various pieces of equipment. If one of these circuits has a damaged or loose wire or connection, a misfire can occur. 

If your engine is misfiring, you are going to want to get your vehicle to an auto repair shop as soon as possible. An auto repair shop will be able to figure out your vehicle is misfiring and address the issue before it gets bigger and has a large impact on the overall performance of your vehicle.  

For more information, contact a car repair shop near you. 


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Quality Paint On Your Restoration Project: Tips and Tricks

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