Quality Paint On Your Restoration Project: Tips and Tricks

Quality Paint On Your Restoration Project: Tips and Tricks

What Are The Advantages Of Computerized Color Matched Auto Paint Repairs?

by Phillip Herrera

If you've had a minor collision, then your car might not have too much damage. However, you might have some paint problems. You might need to repaint scuffs and scrapes. Dent repairs could leave you with some surface damage.

An auto body repair shop can restore your paintwork. To get the best results, it's worth looking for a shop that has a computerized paint color matching system. What are the benefits of using these systems?

Computerized Matching Replicates Actual Colors

If you use the wrong color paint to repair collision damage, then your car won't look cosmetically perfect. Even a slight difference in shade or tone will make repaired areas stand out from the rest of your paint. Your repair won't blend in.

However, you won't always find it easy to find the right color of vehicle paint. Manufacturers don't sell paints to repair shops. It's also hard to accurately recreate a custom color if you don't have details on its mix.

Even if your shop can source your original paint color, this paint might not blend in seamlessly. If your paint has faded over the years, then the new paint won't match your existing paint even if it is technically exactly the same color. Your old paint has changed color over the years.

If you use an auto repair shop that uses a computerized color matching system, then any paint used on your repairs will be a seamless match with the rest of the paint on your vehicle. These systems can analyze paint colors, break down their component parts, and recreate them accurately.

So, your repaired areas of paint will be the exact color as the rest of your car. You won't be able to see your repairs when the work is done.

Computerized Matching Speeds up Paint Repairs

If your shop has to manually match your car's paint, then your repairs could take longer. You'll have to wait for the shop to mix samples to find the closest color match. You might have to go through a few sample sweeps until your shop is happy with the match.

If you use a computerized matching system, then you can have a paint color breakdown in seconds. You won't need to go through multiple mixes to find the closest match; the system can do this in one sweep. Your shop can then mix immediately and accurately.

As well as speeding up your repair, this could also reduce your costs. Your shop won't have to use a lot of paint in trial mixes. It simply uses enough paint to make the repair.

To fix your car's paint damage after a collision, contact auto body repair shops with a computerized color-matching service.

Contact a collision repair company near you to learn more.


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Quality Paint On Your Restoration Project: Tips and Tricks

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