Quality Paint On Your Restoration Project: Tips and Tricks

Quality Paint On Your Restoration Project: Tips and Tricks

  • Addressing Hail Damage With Paintless Dent Repair

    Weather conditions can be unpredictable, with the sun shining one minute and hail raining down on you the next. Hailstones can significantly damage your vehicle, if they are large enough. Dents left behind by hailstones leave your vehicle susceptible to rust and corrosion, and they detract from the sleekness and beauty of your vehicle. Paintless dent repair is a great option for addressing the damage your vehicle might sustain in a severe hailstorm.

  • How And Why To Replace A Dented Car Hood

    There is just something about looking at dents in a car. They cause friends, passersby, and potential buyers to cast judgment prematurely. Damages on cars should always be repaired as soon as possible, not only for aesthetic purposes but for functionality and to ensure the car's longevity. Sometimes, auto body repair needs to be left to the professionals; other times, depending on the damage, there may be some do it yourself (DIY) options for you to consider if you want to save money:

  • 3 Ways To Determine If A Car Has Had Significant Body Damage Before You Buy It

    In most cases, buying a used vehicle that has been involved in a crash is not that big of a deal as long as the necessary work to restore the vehicle to an operable and safe condition has been done. However, even if a car is restored, knowing it has been involved in a crash is something you should know as a buyer. Plus, it is not uncommon for vehicle owners to take shortcuts where repairs are concerned to try and save money.

  • 3 Things To Consider Before Painting Your Car Black

    If you are like many people, you might love the way that a shiny black car looks. Black cars can be beautiful, and you might be thinking about having your own car painted black so that you can enjoy the same experience. However, it's important to know a few things before you choose to make this decision. Then, you can ensure that you are going to be happy with your car after you have it painted.

  • 3 Reasons To Service Your Rotors Each Time Your Change Your Brake Pads

    Having the ability to reliably bring your vehicle to a stop is critical when it comes to maintaining your safety behind the wheel. Taking care of your vehicle's braking system means investing in routine brake services. For many drivers, this means replacing brake pads regularly. In order to ensure that your braking system remains in good condition, you should be servicing your rotors each time you replace your brake pads.

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Quality Paint On Your Restoration Project: Tips and Tricks

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